May 2018

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Each year, the Board of Directors of the Italian Heritage and Culture Committee of New York, Inc. (IHCC-NY, Inc.) selects a new theme and then proceeds to create a theme poster and publish its “Calendar of Events” for the annual October month celebration.

For the year 2018, the Board of Directors of the IHCC-NY, Inc. has deliberated long and hard, and following many years of hailing the merits of Italian artists, sculptors, discoverers and more, it was determined that the theme would be: Italian Women in America: Breaking Barriers, that conveys and acknowledges the contributions of Italian Women in America who have been the stalwart stewards of families as grandmothers, mothers, spouses, aunts, and other wonderful women who inherit their DNA from Italy. The IHCC-NY, Inc. salutes in a special way all those women who have advanced the cause of humankind with their tender and loving care, and excelled in their respective fields of professional endeavor.

Once again, the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute is delighted to assist in collecting information about programs and events planned to celebrate Italian Heritage and Culture Month. We have enclosed our Events Form for you to list any activity scheduled to take place in celebration of the year’s theme, but ONLY from mid-September through mid-November. We encourage you to discover your heritage with programs that celebrate any facet of the theme as indicated above, ie., for the past 42 years!

Enter only one event on each form (reproduce additional copies as needed). It is important to submit the complete and concise information about your event(s) as soon as possible, no later than July 2, 2018. The contact information is listed on the attached form.

We also take this occasion to emphasize that the mission of the IHCC-NY, Inc., is made possible through the generosity of donations, and we very much need your support. Therefore, we would like to call upon you to help sustain our activities by making a tax-deductible contribution. No dollar amount is too small! Every dollar helps to foster the programmatic offerings that document and preserve the history and culture of Italians in America. Know that we welcome and appreciate your generosity. Your gift will be acknowledged in our 2018 Italian Heritage and Culture Month Calendar of Events Magazine. Kindly review the attached donor sheet—and please help us in this endeavor.

On behalf of the IHCC-NY and the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute, we thank you for your support and participation. We remain,






P.S. Join us on Friday, May 11, 2018, for the Annual Tribute for Mother’s Day Weekend.